Strategium  - economic web browser game simulates running a business in Poland.


Strategium is the only such game in Poland. You become president, you run a company and clashes with well-mapped realities of business operations. All this is completely free and with a large dose of useful knowledge.


Surely every one of you ever thought about having your own business, a new Polish production studio enables it now.

Strategium is unique in our market economic browser game, where on a good day you become the president of a small business.

Your goal is to develop and increase the value of their company.


The game very accurately reflects the realities of the functioning companies in Poland (and also in the UK), suffice it to say that the player during the game meets with institutions such as the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office.


But let's start from the beginning.


When you start playing and starting your own business, which despite appearances is not just a formality and shows the real needs faced by novice entrepreneur, you sit in the President's office.

Before you challenge - starting with one production line and a small supply of cash you need to create a true financial empire. At your disposal are three stock exchanges: raw materials, employees and orders.


Thanks to them you care about wrestling for their business, employees, and of course customers.


Earned money can be invested in the development of production capacity, play in small trade or put down a deposit bank. It should be remembered that from time to time based on the company's financial data will be accrued taxes and social insurance contributions.

Strategium, apart from purely entertainment also includes elements of e-learning.

The player with progressive gameplay climbs to new levels of personal development. For this purpose, in addition to organizing conferences, training or increase the value of the company, it must also solve quizzes on the wider knowledge about running a business. Thanks to this game can serve as a tool to support entrepreneurship education and training material for thinking about your own company.


In summary Strategium is a great game where you can earn big money, gain true knowledge, but also meet interesting people. In the game you will find many options for social networking, forum and exquisitely prepared guarantees hours of talks on strategies for the development and functioning of the game.


It is also worth noting that Strategium is a completely Polish game was created with the support of the European Union.


No installation required, provides excellent entertainment completely free (no hidden micropayments) and selecting it you support Polish entrepreneurship.


So, who wants to be President of company right now?


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