GAME DESCRIPTION By taking the game you begin managing a company that operates in a changing economic environment. Your goal is to increase the value, run undertaking. The rules of the game are described in the following sections. I. The economic environment II. Company and its activities III. Random incidents I. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT 1. The primary source of income is production. Additionally, you can conduct commercial operations and invest surpluses funds in bank deposits. 2. The production activity is based on: - Raw materials: aurin, ferrin, cadmin, bitumin; - Semi-finished products: Ksylion, Biturion, Triton, Aureton, Plazon, Krypton - And end products: Aurum, Barium, Nobelium, Tantalum, Xanum 3. During the game you have access to three types of exchanges: a) Labor exchange, where you hire and fire the employees. Employees can differ in: - Labour productivity (depending on seniority and training costs), - Notice period (depending on seniority) - Wage expectations (depending on the performance). b) Exchange of production materials Here you can conduct commercial operations by selling or buying raw materials and intermediates. c) Exchange of orders - it's a place where there are orders for products (or intermediates). If you want to process your order you must present your best offer. 4. The Bank deals with keeping companies current accounts companies, granting of loans and granting deposits. 5. The transactions are accounted in two sessions each day. Clearing House monitors these transactions. 6. Once a month, each company presents the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account. Depending on the financial results, income tax, VAT, wage tax and contribution to the Social Insurance Institution are charged. II. COMPANY AND ITS OPERATIONS 1. Each company consists of: - Production lines, - Employees, - Materials in the warehouse, - The available financial resources (current deposits and loans). 2. At the time of company registration and start the game you get 1200 GRD (grands) at disposal and a production line of 250 GRD (grands). 3. Your task is the distribution of funds to get the greatest increase in goodwill. For this purpose you can: - buy production lines, - increase the performance of selected production line, - hire staff, - improve the performance of employee by trainings, - purchase materials for production or for speculative purposes, - set up bank deposits, - open a credit line in the current account. 4. You can get the funds for growth of the company executing production orders. The obtaining process is very simple. - The stock market is going orders that interests you. Then you specify the price at which it will fulfill and select production line which will handle its execution. - If your bid is the best and you have free resources to carry out orders, earn them. Work in time for him capacities (line and staff) are blocked. - After completion the order you receive established payment. III RANDOM EVENTS During the game, may appear unexpected circumstances that affect the functioning of your business. What you can find: - An employee's disease; - The breakdown and the associated production downtime or periodic loss of productivity the production line; - The penalty imposed by the Tax Office. All clear? It's time to sit in the President's chair.