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    Start run your own company today!
    Explore the only such Polish strategic and economic game
    Along with this year's maturity exams debuted the new network game in which participation guarantees passing different exam - the maturity of business.
    Strategium - because it's called this project is completely free (free2play) economic browser game.
    The player takes on the role of a small business owner, and its goal is to grow a value of owned company.
    First of all Strategium, relects the realities of business operations in Poland and the UK very clearly.
    During the game we meet institutions such as Social Insurance Institution, Tax Office, we decide whether to hire an expensive and experienced employee, or cheaper and the trainee.
    By winning orders develop production capacity or leading financial market speculation we can choose the way of development for our company.
    Important in Strategium is that the future depends on the decisions here, and the random factor is practically negligible.
    Let’s add to that an extensive educational section with elements of e-learning and we have an excellent tutorial of doing business.
    This can be a development tool, not only for the "ordinary player" but also a potential component of education for employees or students.
    It is not surprising therefore that Strategium got support as a process: "Designing and creating innovative simulator doing business Strategium" co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.
    In contrast to many other browser games, Strategium success, not depends on when you start the adventure with the game.
    As a beginner you have the advantage to choose the way of develop the company, which lets you quickly catch up in relations to players who play longer.
    However, time is money, the faster you play, the faster you will gain skills that will use in the real world.
    Therefore, get started today, the president's seat is waiting in the game!

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